The idea
Modern economic challenges have inspired entrepreneurs to adopt the "Lean Startup" model, which predicts the business risk from the beginning, keeping the cost flexible and predefined.
The co-working concept is based on flexibility, open & cooperative perception, exchange of ideas and accessibility to infrastructure, services, collaborations, knowledge & ideas.
Who may be interested in Athens Place?
- New professionals and companies that want to start business activities, minimizing capital requirements, business risk of installation costs and inflexible operating costs.
- Freelancers who work mainly at home and needs space for important client meetings, presentation of their work, expanding partnerships etc.
- Professionals who need privacy in their professional activities and want to separate their work from their home address.
- Companies with head office outside the area of Attica who want to maintain a branch in Athens in order to be closer to their customers, using spaces for meetings, partnerships, product sampling, local salesmen’s briefing etc.
- Education and Tech experts who want to organize training seminars or workshops.
- Co-operative groups that run a specific time project.
- Companies and professionals who need space beyond the usual needs.
What is the minimum service agreement?
All of our programs are flexible. They start from one day and aim to cover real needs without unnecessary costs. Depending on the use and duration required, some preparation and commitment may be requested.
What internet provider do you use and how fast is your Internet speed?
OTE & WIND. We have 2 providers to ensure access even if one provider fails.
2 x 24 mbs Wi Fi Internet ensures maximum speed.
In addition, wired internet is also available in some spaces and for special work support.
What are the opening hours?
Opening hours are as follows:
Monday to Friday 09:30-21:00, Saturday & Sunday: Closed. Also for scheduled Saturday sessions, meeting & seminar rooms remain
open from 11:00 to 20:00.
Meetings with your customers are our top priority. If a meeting is late, meeting & seminar rooms remain open until 22:30. During this
time, however, we operate with security staff.
What about location, access to public transportation and parking;
Athens Place is located in the "Kapnergostasio" area in Athens, 4, Irous Street, 200m from the Kifisos-Lenorman road junction. The access to the center, to Attiki Odos and to both highways is direct. Access is also served via METRO from "Sepolia" station.
How quiet is the space where I will be working?
The spaces we have are designed to be perfectly quiet. Sound absorbing materials have been chosen to separate the spaces. Furthermore, it is obvious that reciprocity and respect for work prevail in Athens Place.
Can I welcome visitors and customers?
The reception of customers and visitors is a priority for us.
Our Secretariat will care for the right reception and hospitality of your clients according to your instructions.
How do you manager my mail and how do I receive my e-mails?
Managing your mail depends on the plan you have selected and is running according to your instructions.
What about cleaning;
The spaces are constantly cleaned up, during and after the end of operation.
What if I want to print or I need anything from the secretariat?
Shared printers and scanners can fully meet your needs. However, a "fair policy” is applied.
Coffee break
In Athens Place you will find shared coffee points with free coffee and tea. For special orders & snacks you can be served by branded stores with which we have co-operation.
Do you have extra questions?
If you have any further inquiries, we welcome you to contact us at any time: info@athensplace.gr